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Rear-End Collision Accidents

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The Dangers of Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end auto accidents can occur in any situation where a driver is following too closely behind to stop safely.

Such collisions are most likely to occur:

  • In heavy traffic when cars are packed tightly together
  • When the driver in the rear is distracted, fatigued or inattentive
  • When the front vehicle stops short
  • When a front vehicle cuts off another driver
  • At intersections when the driver in front slows down
  • When the driver in the rear is tailgating and draws too close to the driver in front
  • When the driver in the rear is speeding, since going too fast can result in a longer stopping distance

Rear-end crashes can occur at high speeds, such as on highways, or at lower speeds, such as at an intersection when the rear vehicle starts moving before the driver in front moves. While higher-speed accidents tend to be more dangerous, serious injury can also result from a slow-moving rear-end impact. Whiplash or soft tissue damage is one of the most common injuries resulting from rear-end crashes. However, rear-end collisions can also cause broken bones, cuts, lacerations, spinal cord damagebrain injury, and death, depending upon the force of the impact.

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Taking Legal Action with a Denver Rear End Accident Lawyer

After a rear-end collision, the driver in the front vehicle can usually pursue an auto accident claim against the rear driver because the driver in the rear is almost always considered negligent; a driver who used reasonable care to avoid impact would have left enough space between the vehicles to stop safely. Negligent drivers are responsible for compensating injured victims for damages arising from the accident, including medical costs, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

In certain instances, the driver in the front vehicle bears some responsibility, such as when that driver stopped short or cut another driver off. When multiple drivers share the blame for causing a wreck, an injured auto accident victim can still recover compensation for damages. The injured person’s compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault that he or she bears for the accident. For example, a driver who is 30 percent at fault for the accident may recover compensation equal to 70 percent of the total damage amount.

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