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Surrounded by Denver, Glendale is one of the most densely-populated areas in Colorado. With all those people packed in a small area, it’s no wonder that there’s an increased chance that they will become victims of a car accident. While a Glendale car accident lawyer cannot erase the past and heal your scars, an experienced legal advocate can fight for fair compensation to offset some of your losses and suffering so that you can move forward.

A crash can change everything in a few moments. Whether time seems to stand still or everything is a blur, the trauma of a car accident leaves both physical and emotional wounds that take considerable time to heal. You are left facing medical bills at a time when it is difficult to work to cover your expenses. You find it hard to sleep or focus, and everything in your life suffers. You deserve justice, and Levine Law is here to help. 

When Negligence Causes an Accident in Glendale

Accident victims are generally entitled to receive damages when they are injured due to another person’s negligence. Someone is considered negligent when they are supposed to do something to protect others and they fail to do it or do it improperly. When driving, for instance, a driver is supposed to focus on the road and obey traffic rules. If they disregard the rules or look at a cell phone instead of the road ahead and that lack of responsibility causes an accident, then they should be held liable.

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It is crucial to collect evidence to demonstrate how another person was negligent and how that negligence caused your losses. This can be a challenge, particularly when the lawyers and insurance companies are preparing their best arguments to show why their client is not at fault. However, when you work with a seasoned Glendale car accident lawyer, your attorney will know how to anticipate their tactics and build your best case for maximum compensation.

Delays Can Be Costly

In most cases, the Colorado statute of limitations gives you three years to file a claim for compensation after a car accident, so you may be tempted to wait to contact a lawyer until after you have fully recovered. However, this can be a mistake for many reasons. For instance, your attorney can help collect evidence to support your case and the best time to collect such evidence is right after the accident. As time passes, the accident scene changes, witnesses are harder to find, and their memories will not be as fresh. An attorney can also take steps to collect footage from traffic cameras or other devices that may have caught the accident or events leading up to the accident. But that crucial information could be erased unless you take prompt action to preserve it.

Working with a Glendale car accident lawyer early on also allows your attorney to help handle insurance agents and lawyers who may try to trick you into saying something that could jeopardize your right to recover. Your attorney can answer their questions while you focus on healing.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Accident Report in Glendale

One of the most important pieces of evidence to show liability in a car accident case is the accident report taken by the police. If your accident happened within the jurisdiction of the Glendale Police Department, you can obtain a copy of the report directly from them. You may make a request in person at the headquarters office at 950 S Birch St # A, Denver, CO 80246 or you can call the Department’s non-emergency number at 303-759-1511 to request a report. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to request a report online through the state police or a commercial vendor for a higher cost.

You should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Date and time of the accident
  • Location of the accident
  • Accident report number
  • Names of individuals involved
  • Your name and driver’s license number
  • Your mailing address, phone number and email

What If You Were Partially at Fault for the Crash?

Accidents usually have more than one cause. If your actions were partially to blame for the accident, you may still be entitled to receive compensation from others at fault based on Colorado’s comparative fault rules. A Glendale car accident lawyer can review the factors leading up to the accident and determine roughly how much blame can be attributed to each person’s actions. If the fault of others is greater than your own fault, you can still recover damages for the collision.

However, the amount you receive would be reduced by a proportionate amount to account for your level of blame. For instance, if a court found you were 10% at fault for driving too fast for conditions and another driver was 90% at fault for texting while driving and you were awarded $100,000 in damages, your award would decrease by 10% to $90,000 to make up for your contribution to the cause of the accident. 

Flooded Roads and Other Hazards Drivers Face 

Analysts note that a large portion of Glendale is at an extreme risk of flooding for the foreseeable future. Flood water and other dangers on the road often contribute to the cause of car accidents. While the weather is not under anyone’s control, if someone acts irresponsibly when dealing with rain, snow or other conditions and their actions cause an accident, they can be held accountable.


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For instance, if a property owner diverts water onto the road and the resulting road conditions lead to an accident, that property owner could be required to pay compensation to those injured in the accident. If another driver is going too fast to allow adequate stopping time in bad weather, that is another example of negligent conduct that could lead to liability for an accident.

Consult a Glendale Car Accident Lawyer Soon for the Best Chance of Recovery

For help building the strongest case for compensation and advice to prevent you from taking actions or making statements that could damage your ability to recover compensation, it is wise to contact a dedicated Glendale car accident lawyer sooner rather than later. The knowledgeable legal team at Levine Law is prepared to fight to get you fair compensation. For a free consultation and case evaluation, contact our office today. 

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