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At Levine Law, we care about our clients. For more than 20 years, our experienced attorneys have been fighting to protect the rights of victims injured in auto accidents, truck accidents and other catastrophic events throughout the Denver area. We firmly believe that our clients come first, and we treat each case with a level of personalized attention and compassion that you may not easily find at other law firms. When you choose to work with Levine Law, you become part of our family, and we love to hear back from our satisfied clients in the form of reviews and personal testimonials.

Below are real Levine Law reviews from real clients. If you or a loved one was seriously injured and you are considering seeking legal representation, we encourage you to read these firsthand accounts of how our attorneys can help you. You can also view some of our recent case results and settlements. Call us 24/7 at  303-333-8000, or contact us online now to schedule your free consultation.

Google Reviews

Car accident

Thank you Andrew Phillips and Jenni Lesmeister for all your hard work on my case. I appreciate that you guys genuinely care and had the best intentions for me and everything you did. To whomever is reading the reviews on Levine Law, I recommend them over any law firm. My case was not the easiest but they did what they could to make sure it was handled how it should be. And I appreciate that more than you both will ever know. You guys ROCK!!!

Taleja Oliver

Cranes in the city by construction site

My daughter was injured in a deck collapse incident. I appreciate that Andrew Phillips initially came to my house to meet with my daughter and myself and let us know its a case they could help us with. The communication was outstanding. I never had to call in; our paralegal Jenni Lesmeister was in constant contact with us and kept us in the loop as we went through the different stages. Andrew did an awesome job preparing my daughter for her deposition and mediation. One thing I appreciate is the honesty of Andrew & the Levine team. They made sure we fully understood all sides of the case so we could make the best decisions. Thank you Andrew & Jenni for all your hard work in making things right for us as my daughter went through the healing process. You allowed me to place my focus on my daughter. You guys are AWESOME!!!

Angel Oliver

Icy road with cards

After being involved in a rear end accident with a drunk driver, I reached out to Levine Law for representation. From day one, minute one, I was treated with respect and as a valued client.

Sarah Freedman represented me, and from our initial meeting she was professional, spoke with me, not at me; clearly managed expectations and provided guidance in language that was easy to understand. I would highly recommend Sarah Freedman as a personal injury/accident attorney.

Kristi Driscoll was the non-litigation case manager assigned to my case. Kristi is awesome to work with, and any time, and I mean any time, I needed something, she was there to assist me. Kristi effectively managed the myriad files, e-mails, phone calls associated with the case, but also helped me overcome obstacles along the way to a successful settlement. She was fantastic to work with and a very pleasant person.

I would highly recommend the Levine Law team to anyone seeking representation.

John Hill

Car driving fast in snow

I’m very grateful for the honest hardworking support of my attorney Sarah Freedman. Thank you Levine Law

Allison Knudsonz

Car accident flipped car

The attorneys at Levine Law did an excellent job helping me navigate my accident in clear, professional, and personal manner. Special thanks to the care that Patrick Barnes, Kristi Driscoll, Sam Armijo, and Jordan Levine did with my case.

Joseph Hurtado

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Facebook Reviews

Icy road with cars

No better lawyer, with a true passion for justice, anywhere

Gail Case

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lawyers Reviews

Car accident flipped car

Sarah Freedman and Levine Law were outstanding in providing me legal services in my slip and fall case. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone seeking justice concerning personal injury. From the start she quickly put my mind at ease and worked diligently to a successful resolution. Though I wish the fall and broken hip never happened, I felt what I received more than compensated for my pain and suffering. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah and Levine Law to anyone requiring personal injury legal services

Icy road with cars

I had a consultation with Sarah after my first car accident. I had no idea what I was doing, but she thoroughly reviewed my claim and explained how the process works. She let me know all of my options and explained the strengths and weaknesses of my case. At all times, she carried herself as a professional and gave me the reassuring sense that she would do everything in her power to help me. I ultimately did not pursue the case, but it was an excellent experience.

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Avvo Avvo Reviews

Car driving fast in snow

I would recommend Levine Law based on the excellent service I received. It was personable. The communication was open and transparent. There was a feeling of genuine concern about my lawsuit. I was kept up to date on all the changes and I always felt Sarah had my best interests in mind. I have had in the past experiences with a lot of different law firms but Levine Law has a down-home feeling that put my mind at ease.

Car accident flipped car

My experience with the Levine Law team was one of a very professional, knowledgeable, respectful, and trustworthy group of people. This includes Jordan Levine, Andrew Philips, Sarah Freedman, and Jenni Lesmeister. They were all easy to talk to, returned all my calls in a very timely manner, and answered most of my questions immediately; and on occasion, when the appropriate reply was not known, they put me in contact with the right person. This was my first time hiring an attorney, and I was extremely concerned and nervous. Along the way, Jordan assured me he would only proceed if I wanted to, and it would be my decision to proceed or not to proceed. At one point, he said I have a good case and he asked that I trust his judgment . He allowed me to make my own decisions without any pressure. I trusted Jordan and he lived up to all he discussed with me, and I am extremely pleased that I decided to proceed. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who needs a great and honest attorney.

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Icy road with cars

I would recommend Levine Law to anyone needing a reputable attorney in regards to any accident. Jordan Sam and Andrew and the rest of the staff at Levine Law in my opinion are very reputable and kind and helpful . Every situation is different, as in my case several life changing events have taken place. I would like to thank the Levine Law crew for their hard work, kindness, and compassion that was shown during those particular times.

Car accident flipped car

I was attacked by a dog. I called six other law offices and no one wanted to take my case. When I called Levine Law they told me to come in. I went that day and they took the time to listen to me. They took my case it took a year and a half, but they always stayed in touch with me. They always returned my phone calls and answered my questions. They also would call just to see how I was doing. The biggest thing was I was a person to them not just a pay check they really cared about me. I would highly recommend this law firm.

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Icy road with cars

I am so happy I went to Levine Law for my accident. They are so professional and speedy with their processing. Sarah Freedman especially impressed me with her updates on the issue and how easy she was to talk to. She stayed true to the professional atmosphere of Levin law and took pride in the company she works for. I will always recommend Levine Law to anyone seeking professional help regarding an accident. Thank you Jordan, Sarah and staff!!

Car driving fast in snow

Working with Levine Law LLC about my case has truly been a blessing in disguise. My family and I had fallen upon very difficult times and the staff at Levine Law made us feel very comfortable. They were extremely knowledgeable, quick and were always readily available for any concerns I had. I would strongly recommend Levine Law to anyone who is in need of true professionals!

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Yelp Reviews

Cranes in the city by construction site

I appreciated the constant communication. I didn’t have to call for follow up info, they always reached out to me. And that’s exactly what I needed when I went to Andrew Phillips. I needed to deal with so many things going on in my life, and it was the BIGGEST relief to work with him. As I said – the follow-up was key and indispensable to me. The honest, straightforward advice and communication is exactly what I needed, even if the answers weren’t always what I wanted to hear. They took the time to answer any questions, and help me walk through any concerns I had until I understood. Usually more than once. Definitely felt that my best interests were always their first priority. Thank you, Mr. Phillips!

Jenn B.

Icy road with cars

I was T-Boned and my Truck totaled while traveling to Buckley AFB for work. My truck never made it home but I did with moderate injuries to my hand, shoulder and neck that lasted weeks. My injuries started to hurt much worse a couple days after the wreck and it became clear I would have to get treatment. Being from out of state I needed someone to represent me in CO and found Levine Law online. I worked with Sarah Freedman and Jessa Boles entirely through phone and E-Mail and could not have been happier. 

The thing we all want when hiring a lawyer is someone who will listen to and take your case as seriously as you do. Perhaps most importantly for me I needed someone to help walk me through all the steps since it was my first real accident with injuries. When you’re trying to balance the hassle of finding a new vehicle and getting treatment it can be difficult to know what to do next to make sure you’re protected, Sarah did a fantastic Job explaining things to me every step of the way.

The customer service I experienced with this firm I would wish every company could live up to. Every time I’ve called they’ve done everything to help me and answer my questions and are all very nice people. Having to do all my work with them through Phone and E-mail and still feel like they know me and actually care about my case was a big deal for me. Could not recommend more highly.

Greg S.

Car accident flipped car

My child was injured in a deck collapse incident. I appreciate that Andrew Phillips initially came to my house to meet with my daughter and myself and let us know they could help us. The communication was outstanding. I never had to call in; Jenni Lesmeister was in constant contact with us and kept us in the loop as we went through the different stages. Andrew did an excellent job preparing my daughter for her deposition & mediation. Another thing I appreciated was the honesty of Andrew and the Levine team. They made sure we completely understood all sides of our case. Thank you Andrew & Jenni for all your hard work in making things right as my daughter went through the healing process. You guys are AWESOME!!!

Angel O.

Icy road with cars

I and hired Levine Law after a car accident. They started right away and helped me get through all the problems that come with it. Anytime I had a question or problem, they were available. I would highly recommend them.

Patricia W.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

Cranes in the city by construction site

In January of 2012 my husband, a firefighter of 15 years, was badly injured while on duty. The workers compensation process was a nightmare with lost income and difficulty getting proper medical treatment. Jordan Levine and his team stepped in to help when we were going through one of the most difficult times in our lives. Phone calls and emails were always returned in quickly and we were always treated with understanding and respect. The firm was honest, straightforward and extremely knowledgeable about the legal process. Jordan was able to get us a settlement that has helped give us a fresh start, time to heal and peace of mind. Our family is so grateful and highly recommends Jordan Levine and Levine Law.
Dan and Leilani
Colorado Springs, CO

Icy road with cars

I was hit by a car in march of 2009 while performing my regular job duties. My injuries were severe but repairable by a good Dr. I contacted several personal injury lawyers who all told me that my case was being handled the best it could be and that there was just nothing they could do for me. After being discouraged, I made one last attempt to get help and contacted Jordan Levine. Jordan Reviewed my case and discovered that not only could he help me with the work comp part of my case, but that I was also covered by my own personal insurance. Jordan has stayed with my case for over 4 years seeing me through 5 total surgeries, after the first 2 were done incorrectly. Jordan Levine put my opposition to shame in a court hearing and got a bad impairment rating reversed. To this day Jordan’s office continues to represent me and monitor my case and has always served me promptly and professionally. If you feel you need help with a personal injury or work comp case call Jordan Levine, you will be glad you did.
Andrew C.

Car accident flipped car

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your assistance in bringing a resolution to this matter. This injury has impacted my life in ways that I never could have imagined and to have some closure to at least the legal end of things brings me and my family great peace. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated all of the times you answered my questions in a speedy manner or took the time to explain things I was confused about. It really did make a very scary and intimidating process seem manageable. From the moment we met I felt you thought I deserved justice and that gave me hope throughout a very difficult time in my life so again, thank you for that. I wish you all the best in your career and life.
Kim M.