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Helping Colorado Motorcycle Accident Victims Obtain Compensation 

Riding a motorcycle is a practical and fun way to travel. Unfortunately, motorcycles provide almost no protection if you are involved in an accident. To learn more about how to recover compensation after a motorcycle accident, or for help making a claim, contact a Denver motorcycle crash lawyer at Levine Law today.

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Colorado Law Allows Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to Fight for Your Claim

It is common for motorcycle riders to be thrown from their bikes and to suffer serious injuries or death in a collision. Motorcycle accidents are tragic not only because they cause serious injury or death, but because they often occur due to a driver’s negligence or carelessness. It is especially heartbreaking when a motorcycle accident could have been avoided because a driver simply did not pay attention or navigate the road in a safe manner. Under Colorado law, when a motorcycle crash is caused by driver negligence, the irresponsible driver can be held legally liable and must compensate the accident victims. Your Denver motorcycle crash lawyer will work diligently on behalf of injured motorcyclists to help them seek their due damages.

Our Denver Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Explains Factors That Impact Your Compensation

1. Traffic Violations are Not Complete Bars to Financial Recovery

Contrary to popular belief, if you are injured while violating a motorcycle safety law or other traffic safety law (i.e. if you were speeding at the time of the accident), this does not serve as a complete bar to financial recovery. While a safety law violation may be considered evidence of negligence, (i) your violation may or may not have contributed to your accident or injuries, and (ii) even if you were negligent, you may still be entitled to a partial recovery.

2. Colorado Follows the Rule of “Modified Comparative Fault”

This right to a partial recovery exists under Colorado’s law of “modified comparative fault.” In Colorado, as long as you are less than 50 percent at fault in an accident, you can still seek financial compensation for your injuries. However, your recovery will be reduced by your percentage of fault. So, for example, if you are deemed 25 percent at fault for passing within another vehicle’s lane, you would still be entitled to collect 75 percent of your accident-related losses.

3. Safety Law Violations are Not Necessarily Evidence of Fault

Let’s say you were riding your motorcycle without proper eye protection at the time of your accident. Let’s also say that you were relatively lucky, and your only injuries were road rash and a broken bone in your leg. In this case, you would likely have a strong argument that your failure to wear eye protection is irrelevant to your claim for compensation.

4. Colorado’s Motorcycle Safety Laws

We have already mentioned a couple of Colorado’s motorcycle safety laws; but, as a rider, it is important to be aware of all of the laws that govern your use of the public roads. Colorado’s motorcycle safety laws include:

  • Helmets – DOT-approved helmets are required for riders under the age of 18.
  • Eye protection – All riders must wear eye protection. Options include helmet visors, goggles, and glasses made with safety glass or plastic.
  • Passengers – Passengers must always ride on a seat behind the driver and they must use passenger foot pegs at all times.
  • Lane sharing – Colorado law does not permit motorcycle riders to pass a vehicle in the same lane (also known as “lane sharing” or “lane splitting”). However, up to two motorcycles may ride side by side in the same lane.

The Dangers of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycles and drivers of passenger cars are expected to share the road in a safe way and obey the same traffic laws. Unfortunately, drivers often do not see motorcycles or do not know how to safely share the road with them, leading to disaster.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Drivers failing to yield to motorcycle riders
  • Drivers misjudging the speed that motorcyclists travel
  • Drivers coming too close to motorcycle riders and not maintaining a safe following distance
  • Distracteddrunk, or drowsy drivers not paying attention to motorcycle riders
  • Motorcycle riders splitting lanes or driving too close to passenger vehicles
  • Speeding on the part of the motorcycle rider or the driver

While motorcycle riders certainly make mistakes, often it is the inability or unwillingness of passenger car drivers to share the road that leads to an accident. Your Denver motorcycle crash attorney will identify all potential criteria for liability and fight for your compensation. 

A Few Safety Tips to Reduce the Threats of a Denver Motorcycle Accident

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 70 percent of motorcycle crashes stem from automobile drivers failing to watch for and avoid motorcyclists. That being the case, the Colorado State Patrol offers a few suggestions for riders to help them avoid accidents.

  • First, even if you don’t think you need one, take a motorcycle education and training class. Whether you’re new to riding or an experienced rider, a course will help you understand the importance of biker safety, as well as proper riding techniques.
  • Also, motorcyclists are encouraged not to weave in and out of traffic, as it is often difficult for automobile drivers to see motorcycles and ultimately, bikers end up in drivers’ blind spots — which can lead to horrific accidents.
  • Riders are also advised to avoid driving on the shoulder and make sure to signal whenever you are changing lanes. And a top tip for all drivers and riders is to avoid operating a bike, motorcycle, automobile or any other moving vehicle while under the influence of any drugs and/or alcohol.

Safety Information for Motorists

Some automobile drivers may or may not know the rules when it comes to sharing the road with bikes and motorcycles. While it is more difficult to see a bike or motorcycle as opposed to an automobile, it is still imperative for drivers to keep certain information in mind when driving on the road.

  • For example, prior to making turns or changing lanes, motorists are advised to especially look out for motorcyclists prior to performing any maneuvers, as they may be in a motorist’s blind spot for a brief period of time.
  • Also, drivers should make certain to use their turn signals to alert motorcyclists and others on the road of their intention to change lanes or make turns. Motorist is also encouraged to leave enough room between their vehicle and the motorcycle.

Over the last 10 years, motorcycle fatalities have doubled. We at Levine Law want everyone to stay safe and avoid accidents where possible. If you or someone you love has been involved in a crash while on a motorcycle, bike or in an automobile, do not hesitate to call our office for assistance from an experienced Denver motorcycle crash lawyer.

Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Given the size and weight of the vehicle in comparison to the motorcycle, bikers often suffer very serious injuries when a car vs. motorcycle accident occurs. These types of injuries can be physically and emotionally devastating and often require long-term medical care. In the worst-case situations, a collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle can result in the death of the rider. Some of the most common injuries include:

Take Legal Action: Contact a Denver Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Today

When a motorcycle accident occurs because a driver breaks the rules of the road or acts carelessly, that driver can be held legally liable for his actions. Liable drivers can be made to compensate the accident victim for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other damages. If the motorcycle accident was fatal, then surviving family members can sue for wrongful death damages.

To successfully obtain compensation, the injured motorcyclist must prove negligence and show that the other driver was at fault. An experienced accident lawyer at Levine Law can help you gather the proof you need to build a strong case. Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience representing injured victims in motorcycle and auto accidents.

To learn more about how a Denver motorcycle crash lawyer at our firm can help you, call us today at 303-333-8000 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.