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Hit by Someone on the Job? Contact a Denver Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Negligent drivers are not always the only ones legally responsible when car accidents happen in Colorado. Many vehicles on highways and streets across the country are commercial trucks, buses and vans or company cars being operated by employees on the clock. When those vehicles are involved in accidents, the drivers’ employers are often liable for any injuries that happen as a result. These claims can be tricky to navigate, so it’s encouraged that you speak to a Denver company vehicle accident lawyer after this kind of collision. 

At Levine Law, we help people injured in car, truck, bus and various other types of accidents move on after a crash with the full compensation available under the law. Our track record of success includes obtaining compensation from employers whose workers cause serious and fatal accidents.

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What is Considered a Company Vehicle?

Some company cars are easy to spot because they are painted in corporate colors, adorned with company signs or feature the entity’s logo. Others blend more easily into other traffic.

Some of the most common company car accidents in Colorado involve:

  • Delivery trucks 
  • Utility vans
  • Food delivery cars
  • Airport shuttles
  • Taxis
  • Sales representative vehicles
  • Executive cars

A Denver company vehicle accident attorney at Levine Law can help you identify whether a car involved in a crash is a company vehicle, including determining who owns it. 

Liability for Company Vehicle Accidents in Colorado 

Colorado car accident cases usually are based on claims for negligence, a legal theory that holds people and entities liable when they do not live up to a certain standard of care.

Drivers, for example, are required to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner and avoid dangerous activity like speeding, aggressive driving and getting behind the wheel while fatigued, distracted or intoxicated. A driver who does not live up to this standard is likely to be found negligent and legally responsible for any accidents that happen as a result.

When the negligent driver is operating a company car, his or her employer is also likely to be liable for the accident. Companies are generally liable for accidents caused by their employees so long as the person was acting within the scope of their job at the time of the crash. 

That can be relatively easy to determine in some situations, like when the crash is caused by a trucker hauling goods from one place to another or a delivery driver dropping off an order. In other situations, it may not be so clear. That is one reason why it is important to consult a Denver company vehicle accident attorney.

Turn to a Denver Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer at Levine Law

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident involving a commercial or company vehicle, a Denver company vehicle accident attorney at Levine Law can help you maximize the available compensation. We are seasoned attorneys who understand who to maximize compensation for our clients, whether it is in the courtroom or through a negotiated settlement. Our lawyers are pleased to serve clients throughout Colorado, including in Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins and Loveland. Call us at 303-333-8000 or contact us online to speak with our firm.