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Police Chases

by  on  Worker's Compensation

Every police officer knows that the job comes with responsibilities and risks — that’s simply part of the deal. It’s no secret that policemen and women put their lives on the line when they go to work because any situation could escalate to put an officer in bodily harm. Recent […]

Dangerous Conditions Ahead

by  on  Personal Injury

Road signs are designed to help drivers navigate area streets safely by providing information about street names, dangerous curve warnings, deer crossing zones and more. We rely on road signs to communicate potential dangers and remind us to use caution behind the wheel; but now, a new study says that […]

Play It Safe This Summer

by  on  Personal Injury

In the summer, kids are constantly on the go, playing baseball and other club sports, taking swimming lessons and attending camp. Warm sunny days are great for being outdoors, but parents and kids should remember that outdoor activities come with a risk for injury, and everyone should take steps to […]