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Insurance Bad Faith

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Insurance Bad Faith

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When you enter into a contract for insurance, you pay monthly or yearly premiums. In exchange for paying your insurance premiums, the insurance company provides coverage if you are injured in a car accident, suffer damage to your home, or require medical care.  Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always pay insurance claims in a timely manner, and sometimes the company will deny a claim altogether.

When an insurance company denies a valid claim, the results can be devastating. You may find yourself unable to obtain needed medical care, or repair a damaged car, home or other property, while your insurance company tries to avoid its responsibility when you need help most.

Fortunately, Colorado law recognizes that policy-holders are vulnerable to their insurers and that they depend upon their insurance companies to pay valid claims. When an insurer unreasonably denies an insurance claim, Colorado law allows the insured person to file an insurance bad faith claim.

Understanding Insurance Bad Faith

The laws in Colorado make clear that an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing exists in every contract of insurance. Therefore, when you purchase insurance, the insurance contract requires that all parties, including the insurance company, act in good faith and work to fulfill the purpose of the contract.

When you make an insurance claim and your insurer does not treat the claim fairly, the insurer is not acting in good faith. For example, if an insurance company denies a claim when it is clear that it should be covered or if the company is unreasonable in its valuation of an insurance claim, the company may be found to be acting in bad faith.

When an insurance company acts in bad faith, the insured can obtain compensation. In fact, to encourage insurance companies to treat their insured clients fairly, Colorado law allows a person who is injured by insurance bad faith to recover damages in excess of the policy limits. Therefore, in some cases, an insured can obtain compensation greater than the amount he was deprived by the insurance company’s wrongful acts.  Insurance bad faith cases are not mere breach of contract cases, but are instead personal injury or tort cases.  This important distinction makes greater damage awards possible.

Levine Law Can Assist with Your Insurance Bad Faith Case

Insurance bad faith cases can be technically complex matters that center on the meaning of your insurance contract, as well as on the extent of the harm suffered as a result of the insurer’s wrongful actions. To protect your interests, it is important to have a knowledgeable legal advocate on your side.

The Denver injury attorneys at Levine Law understand the complexities of insurance bad faith claims.  We have decades of experience in dealing with insurance companies and we know how insurers work. We can help you to obtain the maximum compensation possible when your insurer has acted in bad faith. To learn more, contact an injury lawyer at Levine Law today at (303) 333–8000.

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