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National Safety Council (NSC): Most Serious Injuries Occur at Home

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Where are you and your children at the greatest risk for injury? In your car? At work or at school? Out shopping? According to data from the National Safety Council (NSC), the most dangerous place by far is your own home.

Based on data from 2017, the NSC reports that 53.6 percent of all “preventable medically consulted injuries” (in other words, injuries requiring medical attention) occur at home. The NSC defines “home” as, “[a] dwelling and its premises within the property lines[, including] single-family dwellings and apartment houses, duplex dwellings, boarding and rooming houses, and seasonal cottages.” Accidents occurring at neighborhood swimming pools, parks and other community spaces are not included, and these accounted for another 27.5 percent of all serious injuries in 2017.

What Are Your Legal Rights if You or Your Child is Injured at Home?

If you or your child has been injured at home, is there any chance that you can seek financial compensation for your medical bills and other losses? Yes, absolutely. While some accidents simply happen and there is nothing you can do, in many cases there will be evidence to suggest that a third party is responsible. Consider, for example, the following common types of at-home accidents:

  • Chokings
  • Electrocutions
  • Falls
  • Fires
  • Poisonings
  • Severe cuts and soft tissue injuries
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Strangulations
  • Toy and tool-related accidents

With each of these types of accidents, there is a good chance that a contractor that worked on your home or a company that manufactured or sold the product that injured you or your child could be legally and financially responsible. From construction defects to product malfunctions and inadequate warning labels, there are numerous factors that can potentially establish third-party liability for accidents occurring at home.

What Should You Do if You or Your Child was Injured at Home in Denver?

If you or your child was injured at home, what should you do in order to protect your legal rights? Here are some of the steps you should try to take as soon as possible:

1. Seek Medical Attention

After any type of accident, it is always important to seek medical attention. Tell your doctor or pediatrician what happened, and try to obtain as thorough a diagnosis as possible.

2. Keep Everything

Regardless of what happened and the extent of the damage caused, make sure you keep everything. Do not throw out any packaging or damaged items, and do not make any repairs until after an investigation has been completed.

3. Speak With an Attorney

In order to seek just compensation, you will need to hire an attorney to conduct an investigation and determine what grounds (if any) you have to seek a financial recovery. Once you have received medical attention, this should be your next priority.

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