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“Move Over” Law More Strictly Enforced

When you’re out on the highway, it’s likely that you’ve seen a police officer or other emergency personnel, pulled over on the side. Whether they’re giving a traffic ticket or investigating a recent collision, it’s a common practice. For most, it’s an instinct to pull safely over into another lane, giving the situation on the side of the road a little more space. However, to reinforce the importance of this act, laws are in place.

This fall, a driver who failed to move into another lane killed a respected State Trooper who was outside his vehicle on the side of the highway. This tragic event seamlessly demonstrated the reason why “move over” laws are so important. When you give police and emergency responders the space to do their jobs, you not only protect them, you protect yourself.

As a result of this case, and many others like it throughout 2016, the “move over” law has started to become more strictly enforced. Last year alone, more than 1,000 tickets were issued to drivers who did not give room to officers, tow truck drivers and highway workers on the side of the road.

Move Over…It’s the Law

According to Cmdr. Eric Schmitt, officers are seeing only 30-40% of drivers move over when there is activity on the side of the highway. Some of this, he believes, is because drivers simply do not know the law exists. But others, he explains, just don’t care quite enough to do anything about it.

We support all emergency personnel and believe they should have safe conditions to perform their jobs. Thus, while giving out more tickets and warnings is never fun, it may be the most effective way to raise awareness about this important, life-saving law. After all, the “move over” law can only become more effective when more people choose to abide by it.

Especially now, given the amount of press that this law has received, it is more critical than ever for drivers to be aware of their surroundings. While we understand how easy it is to forget that you are on the road, it is vital for all drivers to remind themselves that they do not drive in a bubble. In fact, every decision you make behind the wheel has the potential to impact everyone around you.

We want you to be safe and avoid landing yourself with expensive fines. However, should that happen, you can rest assured that we are here to help. Often, dealing with your legal situation can feel overwhelming. We understand, and we believe that a Denver accident attorney can make the situation better.

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