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Injured in a Lane Departure or Roadway Departure Accident?

Switching lanes in today’s traffic can be a stressful experience, and doing so is often the cause of quite a few accidents. Being injured in a car accident caused by someone or something else can entitle you to compensation. An improper lane departure can result in the driver being held legally responsible for the injuries and damage they cause you. An attorney with experience in lane departure accidents at Levine Law is standing by to review your case. 

What is a Lane or Roadway Departure Accident? 

The Federal Highway Administration defines a roadway departure crash as one that happens “after a vehicle crosses an edge line or a center line, or otherwise leaves the traveled way.” Another common term for a roadway departure crash is a lane departure accident, and being in one may allow you to recover damages. 

Drivers and Governments are Tasked with Preventing Lane Departure Crashes 

Other drivers on the road have a duty to follow traffic laws and rules when they are driving, which include following speed limits, signaling before changing lanes, and other requirements. When a driver violates this duty and causes an accident that injures you, they could be liable for your related damages. 

Common forms of driver negligence that can lead to them being held responsible for any resulting accidents include: 

Other drivers are not the only cause of lane departure and other car accidents. The local and state governments tasked with maintaining safe roads can be liable for accidents when they fail to do so. This can include using the Safety Edge asphalt paving technique, installing rumble strips and stripes between lanes, and using reflective signs and pavement markings. 

Your Denver Car Accident Attorney Builds Your Case 

Applying the law and the outcome of similar cases to the evidence of the unique facts and circumstances of your accident will determine if you are able to collect. If another party is liable for the accident, you will need to collect evidence to prove your damages, then file your claim with the appropriate insurance company. 

The process of gathering evidence, drafting and filing your claim, then negotiating a fair and complete settlement can be difficult while you are trying to recover from your injuries. Working with an attorney ensures that you will recover the best possible compensation for your damages while they handle the claim every step of the way. 

Speak with a Levine Law After a Lane Departure Accident 

If you have been through a car accident due to a lane change or otherwise, an accident lawyer can help. We will handle your case with compassion while gathering evidence, drafting and filing your claim, and negotiating the best possible outcome with the insurance company. If they won’t come to a fair settlement, we’ll take them to court without hesitation. 

To learn how we can help on your case, schedule a consultation or give us a call at 303-333-8000 to discuss options on how we can help. 

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