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I Was Injured in a Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident. Who Should I Sue?

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When a commercial truck jackknifes or a truck driver loses control on the highway, it is not uncommon for multiple passenger vehicles to be involved in the ensuing collision. Especially in rainy, snowy or icy conditions, commercial truck accidents will often lead to multi-vehicle pileups; and, in these cases, securing just compensation for accident-related injuries presents certain additional challenges.

Should you sue the truck driver? The trucking company? The truck manufacturer? What about the driver whose car made direct contact with yours? These are not easy questions to answer; and, to ensure that you are able to recover physically, financially and emotionally, it will be important for you to seek experienced legal representation.

Key Information for Seeking Financial Compensation After a Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident

To make sure your attorney will be able to begin working on your case as quickly as possible, there are some steps you should try to take in the immediate aftermath of a multi-vehicle truck accident. One of these steps is to write down everything you remember. Details that may be particularly relevant to your claim for financial compensation include:

  • Location of the Accident – Where did the accident occur? Do you remember the last mile marker or exit sign that you passed before the collision? In which lane were you traveling when the truck lost control?
  • Truck Information – What name was on the side of the truck? Did you get the truck’s license plate number? While it should be possible to identify the trucking company from the police report and other sources, if you have this information, it will help your legal team hit the ground running.
  • Other Vehicles and Drivers – Did you collect insurance and vehicle information from the other drivers involved in the accident? Which vehicle (or vehicles) hit yours? Did they hit you from the front, side or rear?
  • Sequence of Events – Was the truck driver the first to lose control? What did other drivers do when they noticed the emergency? Where was your vehicle in relation to the other vehicles involved in the collision?
  • Traffic, Weather and Road Conditions – What were the traffic, weather and road conditions at the time of the crash? Could an icy surface or road defect have caused or contributed to the accident? Did the truck driver appear to be speeding, swerving or driving aggressively? What about the other drivers involved in the accident?

The answers to these questions and others will all help determine who may be liable for your truck accident injuries. If it is not too late, you should hire an attorney to promptly conduct an investigation at the scene of the accident. Through the process of gathering evidence and reconstructing the events leading up to the accident, your attorney will be able to pinpoint the causal factors and identify all of the parties that are responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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