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Drivers Take Note: Watch Out for Motorcyclists on the Road

by  on  Car & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Denver’s roadways are filled on a daily basis with a variety of vehicles ranging from huge tractor trailers to the smallest of vehicles — motorcycles. It is important for all drivers to remain watchful for those on bikes and motorcycles, as motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable travelers on the road.

While it is true that many motorcyclists are careful riders, some tend to be risk takers that are a bit more aggressive when traveling than others. Still, those in larger vehicles are encouraged to keep an eye out for motorcycles because an accident between a motorcycle and a motor vehicle can have devastating results — usually for the motorcyclist.

Where Do Motorcycle Accidents Typically Occur and Why?

Motorcycle accidents can take place at any given place and any given time. However, one of the most common places for a collision to occur between an automobile and a motorcycle is at an intersection, typically when an automobile is making a left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle.

But why do these accidents happen in the first place? Oftentimes, the automobile driver does not see the motorcycle, as they are generally much smaller and harder to see. Unfortunately, they can be easily missed since many drivers are not particularly paying special attention for them on the roadway.

In cases in which the automobile driver does notice the motorcycle, the vehicle driver may believe he or she has plenty of time in which to turn before the motorcyclists reaches the intersection; however, the driver likely misjudges the approach speed of the motorcycle.

Keep Your Eyes Open…and Don’t Tailgate

Individuals riding motorcycles do not have the protections that are enjoyed by those in automobiles, such as airbags and an outer frame that will typically work as much as possible to protect the occupants. That said, motorcyclists will almost always sustain some type of injury if they are involved in a collision.

Nonetheless, when automobile drivers expect to see bikers and motorcyclists on the road, they are much more likely to see them ahead of time. Due to their light weight, motorcycles can stop much more quickly than larger vehicles. That said, it is important for drivers who are traveling behind motorcycles to leave a sufficient amount of space between themselves and the bike.

Vehicle drivers are also encouraged to keep their eyes up, open and moving. Many automobile drivers look just over the hood of their vehicles when driving and only look ahead to the vehicle directly in front of them. However, if a driver looks ahead, it may be possible to see the presence of a motorcycle located farther in front of them.

Additionally, drivers are advised to keep an eye on their mirrors in order to identify potential issues ahead of time. When you see the “big picture” ahead of time, it becomes a lot easier to use your judgment based on the environment at the time and make a determination as to what would be the best course of action given the circumstances.

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