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Colorado’s Laws on Distracted Driving

by  on  Car Accidents & Motor Vehicle Collisions

Distracted driving has become a major public health problem. According to government statistics, in 2017, distracted driving killed over three thousand people. As Denver auto accident lawyers, we have extensive experience helping our clients to maximize their recovery if they have been injured as a result of a distracted driver.

Currently, 48 states, including Colorado, plus the District of Columbia, ban text messaging for all drivers. All but 3 states have primary enforcement, meaning that law enforcement officers will be able to pull over motorists for texting while driving.

Victims of Distracted Drivers

If you have been the victim of a texting and driving accident, an attorney can use illegal texting as evidence of negligence when arguing your case in court or negotiating with the insurance company. Breaking a traffic law is generally viewed as sufficient proof of negligence or carelessness, so you may only need to show that texting was the cause of harm in order to obtain compensation.

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