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Category: Personal Injury

Are Video Games Causing Real Injuries?

by  on  Personal Injury

Back in 2016, Pokemon Go was perhaps the best-known example of the gaming trend known as augmented reality. Certainly, there are benefits to getting couch-prone gamers outside and moving. However, as the popularity of such games increased, there have been numerous articles over the years that note how Pokemon Go and similar games have contributed […]

How Long Do I Have to Sue for Medical Malpractice

by  on  Personal Injury

Medical malpractice can take many forms, including: misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis; misread lab results; botched surgeries; performing unnecessary procedures; failure to order appropriate testing; failure to obtain informed consent; leaving surgical instruments inside patients; operating on the wrong body part; causing infection through unsanitary practices; anesthesia errors; birth injuries; and […]