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Category: Personal Injury

E-Cigarettes Part II: Newly Proposed Rules

by  on  Personal Injury

Part I of the E-Cigarettes series discussed the rising popularity of e-cigs, as they are commonly referred to, and the controversy over whether they are smoking cessation devices or simply replacements for traditional cigarettes.  E-cigs have gone under the radar of FDA regulation and scrutiny, despite the fact that surprisingly […]

Sexual Assaults on College Campuses: When to call your personal injury attorney

by  on  Personal Injury

The statistics are startling: 19% of undergraduate women have experienced attempted or completed sexual assault since entering college; 95% of sexual attacks go unreported–sexual assaults are the most unreported crime; 90% of women attacked know the person who raped them; 43% of college-aged men admitted to using coercive behavior, including physical aggression, […]