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Category: Personal Injury

The Brave New World of Medicine

by  on  Personal Injury

Not too long ago, the idea of implanting a chip in a person’s brain to control neurological disorders such as epilepsy or restore movement in people with paralysis was mere science fiction.  Now the RNS System is being used successfully to treat people with epilepsy, and implants are being developed […]

The Big Ten Making Big News

by  on  Personal Injury

In September, University of Michigan Quarterback Shane Morris, suffering visible signs of confusion and dizziness with what later was diagnosed as a concussion, was nevertheless sent back into the game against Minnesota without being evaluated.  Such conduct was contrary to University of Michigan’s protocols, as well as the new recommendations […]

Synthetic Drugs: Legal But Lethal

by  on  Personal Injury

Molly. N-Bomb.  Smiles.  Spice.  Bath Salts.  These are all names for synthetic, or designer drugs currently being sold legally in the United States.  The drugs are manufactured to contain chemically-similar ingredients to the active ingredients in banned substances. For example, “Smiles” and “N-Bomb” mimic the effects of LSD, a hallucinogen.  […]

Winter Sports and TBI Awareness Month

by  on  Personal Injury

January is Winter Sports and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Awareness Month. The purpose of the designation is to raise awareness regarding the risks athletes face when they participate in winter sports.  Skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, sledding and ice skating are all sports in which concussions and TBI occur. However, snowboarding […]