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How Does Denver Stack Up to Other Colorado Counties in Terms of Auto Accidents?

Denver is Colorado’s largest county by population, and the most-recent statistics from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) suggest that Denver also sees more auto accidents on an annual basis than any other county in the state. While this dubious distinction can be contributed in large part to the number of drivers on Denver’s roads, the data suggest that certain other factors may be to blame as well.

August 24th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

Liability in Auto Accidents Involving Large Trucks and Other Commercial Vehicles

If you have been seriously injured in an accident involving a large truck (such as an 18-wheeler or tractor trailer) or other commercial vehicle, knowing where to turn for financial compensation is critical to ensuring that you will have the money you need now and in the future. While there are a variety of factors that can cause and contribute to commercial vehicle accidents, one of the most common factors is driver negligence.

August 17th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

Filing a Personal Injury Claim if You Waited to Seek Medical Attention After a Car Accident

You were involved in an auto accident, and when the EMTs got to the scene you declined medical attention. You found your way home, and you did your best to go about your normal life.

August 3rd, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Personal Injury Accident Attorney

How Will a Speeding Ticket Impact My Auto Accident Claim?

We all know that speeding can be dangerous. Speeding is a leading cause of auto accidents; and, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is to blame for more than a quarter of all fatal vehicle collisions.

July 31st, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

How Do Colorado’s Motorcycle Safety Laws Impact Your Accident Claim?

Colorado, like other states, has a number of laws that are designed to help protect the safety of motorcycle riders and their passengers. From eye protection to lane sharing, these laws address a number of issues which can create dangers for riders and other motorists alike.

July 24th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

FAQs: Recovering Compensation After an 18-Wheeler or Utility Truck Accident

Auto accidents involving 18-wheelers, utility trucks and other commercial vehicles present some unique and challenging legal issues. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a collision involving a commercial truck, here are some answers it will be important for you to know.

July 17th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries From an Auto Accident?

When you get sick or injured, you rely on your health insurance to cover the costs of your treatment and recovery. But, when you get injured in an auto accident that was another driver’s fault, the other driver’s insurance company is liable for your medical expenses and other losses. So, who pays your medical expenses while your personal injury claim is pending?

July 10th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

Denver Public Works Releases Report on Causes and Effects of Pedestrian Accidents

Each year, hundreds of pedestrians are injured in accidents in Denver, CO. The city’s pedestrian fatality rate is higher than that of many other walker and jogger-friendly cities around the country, and the numbers of injuries and fatalities have both remained fairly steady in recent years.

June 22nd, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

I Was Injured in a Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident. Who Should I Sue?

When a commercial truck jackknifes or a truck driver loses control on the highway, it is not uncommon for multiple passenger vehicles to be involved in the ensuing collision. Especially in rainy, snowy or icy conditions, commercial truck accidents will often lead to multi-vehicle pileups; and, in these cases, securing just compensation for accident-related injuries presents certain additional challenges.

June 15th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

Distracted Driving is a Leading Cause of Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Truck Accidents

From teenagers to commercial truck drivers, distracted driving is a ubiquitous problem on Colorado’s roads. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), distracted drivers are to blame for an average of 74 deaths per year, and this number is far surpassed by the number of drivers and passengers who suffer severe traumatic injuries due to others’ decisions to talk, text, take selfies and use social media behind the wheel.

June 1st, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

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