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Personal Injury Information

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Personal Injury Information

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When you are injured, it is natural to be concerned about how the injury will affect your life. In addition to getting medical help to tend to your immediate needs and trying to cope with the injury itself, you may also be concerned about what impact the injury will have on your life in the future. For instance, you may worry that you may not fully recover from your injuries, that you will need ongoing and expensive care, or that the injury may interfere with your ability to work.

These are valid concerns, and they may be especially pressing when your personal injury was caused by the negligence or intentionally wrongful behavior of another. It is devastating to know that an injury could have been prevented if someone else had just been a bit more careful.

While nothing can undo an injury, Colorado law does give injured persons a way to hold the person who caused the injury responsible. Under the law, a person who is negligent or who acts improperly and causes harm will need to compensate the victim for the financial costs of that harm. A Denver personal injury attorney can help injured victims or their family members secure the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.

How Do Personal Injuries Happen?

People are injured in many different ways. Examples of common personal injury cases include:

In these and other situations where negligence contributed to the injury or harm, a Denver personal injury attorney will help you to identify the responsible parties and take legal action against them.

Types of Personal Injuries

In any accident situation, victims suffer many different types of injuries. Several of the most common and serious injuries include:

The more serious your injury and the more permanent and long-lasting the harm you suffered, the more compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Understanding Personal Injury Cases

When a person has suffered any type of injury due to the negligence or carelessness of another, he or she has two options for taking action against the responsible party. One option is a lawsuit. The other is to settle the case out of court by negotiating a settlement, usually with an insurer. A Denver injury attorney can help with either option and work to maximize recovery.

When you either settle or sue, you will need to prove that the defendant should be held legally responsible because his failure to use reasonable care is to blame for your injuries. You will also need to prove the extent of your damages. Since Colorado law imposes certain time limits and legal requirements, you will want a Denver injury attorney on your side. For more than 20 years, Levine Law has been helping injured victims. Give the dedicated attorneys at our Denver personal injury law firm a chance to represent you. Your consultation is free, so call today.

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As a contractor that represents homeowners who need storm related damage repaired by their insurance company, I see the need for people to have a professional represent them so they can get what is rightfully theirs to repair their home. The same was true when I needed someone to help me in a personal injury situation. I knew that I needed a professional that could fight on my behalf and get me what was needed to make me complete again. Andrew Phillips and the team at Levine Law were incredible! They took the time to listen to my situation and really understand the effects I was dealing with. They handled everything with great detail and sincerity and I really felt they cared for my well being. I hope that nobody has to go through a situation like this, but if you do I would highly recommend Andrew Phillips and the Levine Law Team!

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