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Road Etiquette—It Doesn’t Just Impact You

by  on  Car & Motor Vehicle Accidents

When most people think about the issues of drinking and driving, the first thought that comes up is how it will impact the driver who has been drinking while under the influence. DUI citations, fines and potential jail time may inspire the offending driver to reflect on his or her choices and see ways that he or she can improve in the future.

However, drinking and driving is not a solo activity. When an inebriated driver gets behind the wheel, that driver poses a risk not just to him or herself, but to everyone else on the road. From pedestrians to motorcyclists and everyone in between, the risk of being impacted by a drunk driver is ever-present.

Another issue to be weary of is road rage. Just as unexpected as a drunk driver, one never knows when the person in the next car may have taken issue with someone else on the road.

Unfortunately, most people on the road have no idea when a drunk driver or a driver with road rage is in their vicinity. While obvious signs like swerving or perhaps speeding may indicate that the driver of another car is under the influence, these are signs that may be easy to overlook.

Consider Others When Traveling on Area Roadways

Two recent stories remind us just how important it is to remember that road etiquette doesn’t just impact the driver.

In the first case, a Boulder man, hit by a drunk driver, had both legs amputated. The driver of the car was arrested on charges of vehicular assault, reckless driving, DUI and texting while driving. The driver later admitted to having used heroine and Xanax during the day.

The victim happened to be standing between two cars when the driver hit into the car behind him, pinning him between the cars. The injuries are what resulted in the necessary amputation.

In the second case, a man was hit by a car while attempting to assist another man who had just been run over by another car in an act of road rage. One of the men was pronounced dead at the scene. The other died later in the hospital as a result of his injuries.

As Denver auto accident lawyers, we see our fair share of automobile accidents. Each has its own unique reason. However, one thing is universal: most accidents are preventable. As drivers, remembering to make good choices before getting behind the wheel and remaining calm despite any frustrations you may encounter is an important point. As pedestrians and bystanders, remaining alert when you are near roadways is key to keeping yourself out of harm’s way.

A keen awareness of your surroundings, whether you are a driver or not, is always a good first step to making sure that you and those around you get home without any problems. However, we understand that this does not always go as planned.

That said, if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, you can rest assured that we are here to help. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in whatever way we can. So feel free to contact us. We’ll set up an initial consultation and help you get back on track.