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Keep Calm and Drive Safely

by  on  Car & Motor Vehicle Accidents

For many people, winter is filled with holiday festivities and good cheer. It’s often considered the most wonderful time of the year. With the gatherings of families and friends, it can be easy to see why this is such a cherished and anticipated time.

Often, spending time with your loved ones requires a fair amount of road travel. Whether you’re shopping for gifts at the mall or making the trek to grandma’s house, there’s a much higher chance of vehicle congestion around this time of year.

This increase in traffic impacts drivers in different ways. Road rage, collisions and general headaches are much more common on the roads. They are also the quickest way to ruin your holiday cheer. That said, we thought we’d offer a few simple reminders for how to stay calm, collected and safe as you head out this holiday season.

Leave Extra Time

This first step sounds simple. However, we know just how difficult it really can be! Leaving more time to travel is a great way to reduce your stress levels in transit. You never know what kind of situation you’ll meet once your journey is underway. But, if you leave enough time, you’ll be less likely to speed, and less likely to have a short temper when someone inevitably cuts you off in traffic.

Have a family that struggles to get out on time? Agree to set your departure time thirty minutes or an hour earlier than you really need to leave. That way, everyone is on the same page.

Respect Traffic Laws

We know it’s tempting to turn that corner space in the parking lot into an extra parking space, or to zoom around other drivers so you can get to your exit a little bit faster. But, a word of warning: when you bend the law, you pose a risk to yourself and to everyone around you. Will it really be so bad if you have to walk an extra few feet to the mall? And will it really make much difference if you cut three minutes off of your drive? No, probably not. So remember that safety, not speed, should still be your first priority this holiday season.

Have Your Insurance Info Ready

Should you find yourself in a collision of some sort, you can speed up the process by making sure your insurance information is in an easily accessible area. That way you won’t waste your time, or the other driver’s, by searching for it. And everyone can move on with their day.

Take a Deep Breath

During the holidays, it’s almost guaranteed that you will experience some frustrating drivers out on the roads. Remember, while their behavior may be dangerous, it is not a personal attack. So, if you feel yourself flaring up, stop and take a deep breath. Exhale all that pent up anger so you can have a clear head and focus on the road.

As Denver automobile accident lawyers, we see plenty of collisions that could have been avoided, if the drivers had only taken a moment to collect themselves, instead of lashing out or perpetuating the cycle of bad driving. So remember: an accident is going to slow you down a lot more than taking your time and driving safely ever will.

That said, if you do find yourself in an accident, we are here to help. When you contact us, we’ll set up an initial consultation, listen to your story, and help you move forward with your life — hopefully in time for the holidays.