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Truck Wrecks Caused by Maintenance Issues

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Colorado Truck Maintenance Requirements

All truck operators are required to take certain steps to make sure that their vehicles are in good working order. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, for example, forces trucking companies to “systematically” inspect, repair and maintain their vehicles and to keep inspection records for up to 18 months. 

Truckers are also required to perform a routine inspection at the end of every day, which includes checking the vehicle’s steering mechanism, brakes, lights, tires, horn, windshield wipers, mirrors, wheels and emergency equipment.

When defects are found, the driver must complete a written report. Those defects must be properly addressed before the truck can get back on the road.

The FMCSA and Colorado Department of Transportation also require truck owners to take big rigs in for full inspection at least once a year. 

Truck Maintenance Hazards on Denver Roadways

When a trucker and his or her employer do not live up to these responsibilities, a wide range of defects and other issues may go unchecked, eventually leading to a crash. A Denver truck wreck lawyer at our firm will tell you poor maintenance can cause some of the following hazards:

  • Fuel leaks: Fuel system issues can cause engine fires.
  • Dim lights: Poorly working lights and broken reflectors make it harder for truckers to see what is on the road ahead and more difficult for other drivers to remain aware of truck traffic around them.
  • Loss of control: This often happens as a result of suspension issues, which can make it harder to control a big rig moving at fast speeds or while braking.
  • Shoddy brakes: Brake problems are often to blame for large crashes that cause catastrophic injuries and even death.
  • Wheel, axle misalignment: This can cause sudden breakdowns with little warning for others on the road.
  • Tire blowouts, failure: Worn tire tread is a recipe for disaster, especially during winter months in which driving surfaces are often covered in snow or ice.
  • Windshields, wipers: It is crucial that truckers be able to see. Broken windshields and busted wipers make it harder for drivers to navigate and react.

When these hazards are present, accidents are bound to happen. Truck crashes often come with serious consequences, including fatalities, because of the sheer size of the vehicles involved and the speeds at which they often travel. 

Who is Responsible for a Truck Accident? A Denver Big Rig Accident Attorney Explains

Trucking companies are generally liable for accidents caused by improper maintenance. Proving the cause of the crash, and the company’s liability, is a complicated process that requires substantial evidence and a deep understanding of personal injury law. That is one reason why it is essential to have an experienced Denver big rig accident attorney in your corner.

Negligence is a common legal theory that holds people and entities responsible for injuries they cause when they do not live up to a certain “duty of care.” Truck drivers, for instance, have a duty to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. Their employers are typically vicariously liable for any negligence by a trucker while acting in the course of his or her job duties.

Truckers, and their employers, also have a responsibility to ensure that those vehicles are safe to drive.

To prove negligence in a truck maintenance accident, you have to be able to show that the truck was not properly inspected and maintained, that this created a specific safety hazard, and that the hazard caused the crash. Evidence, including inspection logs, police reports, witness testimony and other information, is crucial in these cases. 

You also have to be able to detail the full extent of you or a loved one’s injuries. That includes by providing extensive medical records, as well as information about expected future medical treatment and needs.

Do not go it alone. The trucking company and its insurer will go to the scene of the crash as soon as possible to begin gathering evidence and building a defense. A Denver truck wreck lawyer can ensure that they are required to preserve all evidence and work quickly to obtain vital information from the truck’s data log and maintenance records.

Speak with a Denver Truck Wreck Attorney for a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident or any other type of crash, you have the right to seek compensation from those responsible. A Denver big rig accident lawyer at Levine Law can help.

Our Colorado personal injury attorneys combine decades of experience helping people injured in truck, car, motorcycle and other accidents get the money they deserve. We are seasoned litigators and effective negotiators who have devoted our careers to assisting people in their times of need. Our attorneys guide clients through the legal process with experience and personalized attention. 

We are pleased to serve clients throughout Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins, and Loveland. Call us at 303-333-8000 or contact us online to speak with our Denver big rig accident law firm today.

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