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Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Our Denver Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help Maximize Your Benefits

In Colorado, workers’ compensation benefits fall into two main categories: medical and wage replacement. The amount of your benefits will depend on a number of factors, including (i) the extent of your injury, (ii) the amount of time you miss from work, and (iii) how closely you adhere to the rules for collecting workers’ compensation.

While Colorado’s workers’ compensation law prescribes a specific formula for calculating injured workers’ benefits, collecting benefits is not as easy as it should be. As a result, if you have been injured at work, it is important that you discuss your claim with an experienced team of Denver workers' compensation lawyers. If you wait too long to report your accident, see the wrong doctor, or make other mistakes during your claim, you could end up with far less than you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Colorado

As stated on the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s workers’ compensation website:

“Workers' compensation is a type of insurance coverage that employers must provide for their employees. For employees who are injured on the job or develop occupational diseases, this insurance pays for medical expenses and partial wage replacement during periods of temporary disability. It may also provide permanent impairment benefits for those who qualify. . . .

“Workers' compensation benefits are based on the date of injury. . . . You must follow all rules and procedures or you might not get all the benefits you may be entitled to receive.”

In Colorado, workers’ compensation covers injured workers’ medical expenses and a portion of their lost wages. With regard to medical expenses, this refers only to medical expenses resulting from your job-related injury. If you have a pre-existing condition, or if your condition worsens because you fail to follow your doctor’s advice, you may not be entitled to full coverage.

With regard to wage replacement (or “disability”) benefits, Colorado law states that you are entitled to, “two-thirds of your average weekly wage (AWW) that you were receiving on the date of your injury, up to the maximum amount allowed by law.” Depending on the nature of the injury and its impact on your ability to work, you may be awarded:

  • Temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits
  • Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits
  • Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits
  • Permanent total disability (PTD) benefit

Temporary wage replacement benefits end when you return to your job, you are given a medical release to return to work, you fail to attend a rescheduled medical appointment, your treating physician determines that you have reached maximum medical improvement, or your employer’s insurer “requests to modify, terminate, or suspend benefits for [other] reasons.” Unfortunately, insurance companies routinely seek to terminate employees’ benefits too soon, and this often leads to difficult decisions and financial struggles for individuals whose injuries have not fully healed.

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