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Snow & Ice Accidents

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Premises Liability Attorneys for Winter Weather Accidents in Denver

Here in Denver, we get plenty of snow and ice every winter. Unfortunately, while this means lots of opportunities for skiing and sledding, it also means that winter weather-related accidents are a routine occurrence.

While many snow and ice accidents involve vehicle collisions, a large percentage also involve pedestrians and shoppers on sidewalks, in parking lots and in stores and businesses. At Levine Law, we have extensive experience in all types of winter weather accident cases, including those involving:

  • Dangerous parking lots
  • Hazardous snow and ice accumulation
  • Slippery sidewalks, stairs and pedestrian crossings
  • Snow and ice melt inside of buildings
  • Trip and fall hazards obstructed by accumulating snow or slush

In addition to these types of accidents, we are also available to represent individuals who have been injured skiing, snowboarding and participating in other winter activities. This includes representation for cases such as:

  • Chairlift accidents
  • Collisions between skiers and snowboarders
  • Collisions with snow equipment and stationary objects

Colorado Snow & Ice Accident FAQs

Q: Isn’t it my own fault if I slipped and fell on snow or ice?

No, not necessarily. While it is important to be cautious while walking on snow or ice, there are still several types of slip and fall hazards that are outside of your control.

Q: Who is responsible for clearing snow from a parking lot or sidewalk?

It depends. On private property, the property owner will be responsible for maintaining its premises in reasonably safe condition. On a public sidewalk, the City of Denver could be liable, or an adjacent property owner may be responsible for keeping the sidewalk clear.

Q: If I signed a waiver at a ski resort, can I still file a claim for compensation?

Potentially, yes. While ski resorts typically require broad liability waivers, (i) these waivers are not always entirely comprehensive, and (ii) you may have grounds to assert that the waiver is legally unenforceable. If you signed a waiver, our attorneys can help you understand your legal rights.

Q: How much can I recover for my injuries?

The amount of compensation available will depend on a variety of factors relating to the extent and long-term effects of your injuries. While we cannot guarantee any results, in cases involving severe traumatic injuries, we have been successful in recovering millions of dollars for our clients.

Q: How long do I have to file a claim for a weather-related accident?

In most cases you will have two years from the date of a weather-related accident to file a claim for compensation. However, in order to preserve your claim for maximum compensation, we strongly encourage you to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

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