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Elder Abuse

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Nursing Home Elder Abuse Attorneys in Denver, CO

If you or a loved one has experienced elder abuse in a nursing home, you need to take action. Statistics on nursing home care show that elder abuse is alarmingly common, and abusive situations typically get worse before they get better. Elder abuse can take many forms, and in the nursing home setting, it can often be difficult to detect. Any warning signs of abuse should be taken very seriously, and our Denver personal injury attorneys and professional staff members can make sure you or your aging family member receives the help needed to recover from the abuse.

What Is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse in a nursing home can result in severe physical, emotional and financial harm. Like nursing home neglect, elder abuse is never okay, and it is something that needs to be stopped as soon as possible. We help nursing home residents and families in the Denver area take action against all types of elder abuse in nursing homes, including:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can include causing intentional, failing to protect aging residents from falls and other dangerous accidents, and depriving residents of necessary medical treatment. Unexplained injuries and pain consistent with a traumatic injury are two of the most-common warning signs of physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse includes all forms of unwanted sexual conduct as well as exploitation of elderly residents who are not able to refuse consent or otherwise protect themselves from inappropriate contact.

Emotional Abuse

Verbal belittling, verbal attacks, threats of physical or sexual abuse, threats to isolate residents from family members, and other forms of harassment and intimidation are all far-too-common examples of emotional or mental abuse in nursing homes.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse in nursing homes can include check forgery, use of a resident’s credit cards, theft of cash and other assets, and convincing a resident to modify his or her estate plan.


Leaving nursing home residents without the help they need to stay nourished, hydrated, properly medicated, and safe from avoidable and treatable illnesses and injuries is a form of elder abuse known as abandonment.

About Levine Law

Levine Law is a Denver personal injury and wrongful death law firm that represents nursing home residents and their families. Our team of attorneys and legal professionals brings decades of experience to helping individuals and families extricate themselves from abusive nursing homes, obtain quality medical care and recover just compensation for their medical bills and other losses. We understand the unique and challenging issues involved in cases of elder abuse, and we have experience with a wide variety of circumstances. For more information about how we can help you, please schedule a free consultation today.

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