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Lack of Informed Consent

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Denver Medical Malpractice Lawyers for Cases Involving Lack of Informed Consent

As a patient in Colorado, you have the right to take control of your medical care. This includes making informed decisions about surgical procedures and courses of treatment. Under Colorado law, physicians and healthcare facilities must obtain patients’ “informed consent” prior to initiating treatment in most circumstances, and this requires more than having the patient blindly sign a pre-printed consent form filled with fine print.

Providing medical treatment without informed consent is a serious matter. It is an invasion of the patient’s rights, and it is an act that can significantly impact the patient’s physical and emotional state for years to come – if not permanently. It is also considered a form of medical malpractice, and it is a mistake that entitles patients to seek just compensation.

Experienced Legal Representation for Medical Malpractice Claims in Denver, CO

At Levine Law, we represent patients in cases involving lack of informed consent throughout the Denver area. Our lawyers are deeply knowledgeable about the medical and legal issues involved in these cases, and we are happy to help you understand your rights in a free and confidential consultation. If you are entitled to compensation, it is important that you take legal action promptly. While you focus on taking care of yourself, the legal team at Levine Law will fight to win the compensation you deserve.

Did Your Doctor Fail Seek or Obtain Informed Consent?

When you sought medical treatment at a hospital, doctor’s office or other medical facility, you likely signed a number of different forms. One of these was probably an “informed consent” form, which explained in broad terms the risks involved with seeking medical treatment. While healthcare providers use these forms to try to limit their exposure to medical malpractice lawsuits, the reality is that physicians, clinicians and other medical professionals must do much more to ensure that their patients understand the risks that treatment entails.

In order to obtain valid informed consent in Colorado, healthcare providers must:

  • Explain the proposed procedure or course of treatment in language the patient can understand;
  • Explain possible alternate courses of treatment, including those that would involve referral to another facility or specialist;
  • Explain the potential outcomes of the proposed procedure or course of treatment, including risks and benefits; and,
  • Make sure the patient clearly understands all of the above so that he or she can make an informed decision.

With these requirements in mind, you can see that there are a variety of factors that can lead to a lack of informed consent. Rushing through patient visits, not fully diagnosing patients’ conditions and risk factors, and seeking to treat rather than provide a referral are just a few of the issues we see on a regular basis. Are you entitled to compensation? Find out. Schedule a free consultation today.

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If you believe that you may have received medical treatment without granting informed consent, we encourage you to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. To speak with an experienced medical malpractice attorney at Levine Law, please call (303) 333-8000 or inquire online now.

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