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Denver Medical Malpractice Lawyers for Patients and Their Families

Doctors and hospitals have one primary job: to treat their patients’ medical conditions with an appropriate standard of care. Yet, every day, patients’ conditions worsen as their illnesses and injuries go untreated. Failure to treat is among the most common forms of medical malpractice, and it is a costly mistake that can entitle victims and their families to seek just compensation.

The experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Levine Law provide aggressive legal representation in medical malpractice cases involving failure to treat. With a team of attorneys and legal professionals, we handle cases against doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers throughout the Denver area, and we offer 24/7 availability to our clients. At Levine Law, you are not just another client. With us, it’s personal. We will take the time to understand your medical condition and the unique facts involved in your case, and we will work tirelessly to win the full compensation you deserve.

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What Leads to Failure to Treat?

Many people are surprised to learn that they are not alone in suffering due to inadequate medical care. We expect our medical providers to use their expertise to help us, and treating our illnesses and injuries seems fundamental to engaging in the business of healthcare. Unfortunately, there are numerous common medical and administrative mistakes that can cause patients to not receive the treatment they need, and healthcare provides across Colorado to make these mistakes on a daily basis.

Some of the types of issues that can result in failure to treat a patient’s illness or injury include:

  • Emergency room negligence
  • Failure to diagnose an illness or injury
  • Failure to keep adequate records regarding a patient’s medical condition
  • Failure to order necessary tests or conduct necessary examinations
  • Misdiagnosis of a patient’s medical condition
  • Mixing up patient records
  • Wrong-site surgery and other treatment mistakes

Sadly, failure to treat often does not come to a patient’s attention until his or her condition has worsened substantially. Since we trust our doctors to diagnose and treat our injuries, we assume that they are right when they tell us nothing is wrong, and we assume that everything is “normal” if we experience pain or other symptoms while supposedly receiving treatment. As a result, failure to treat can often result in infections, diseases and other conditions that are worse than those for which treatment was sought initially.

If you believe that you or a loved one may have received inadequate medical care, it is important that you seek professional help as soon as possible. This means seeing a qualified specialist about your medical condition and speaking with an attorney to find out if you are entitled to financial compensation. Failure to treat can result in substantial medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other losses, and patients who suffer as a result of medical mistakes deserve to be fairly compensated.

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