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Wrongful Pregnancy

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Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Denver, CO

If you got pregnant following a sterilization procedure or after receiving bad advice from an obstetrician-gynecologist or other physicians, you may be entitled to compensation for wrongful pregnancy. As a resident of Colorado, you have the right to decide whether to get pregnant, and you have the right to receive accurate and reliable advice from your doctors. If a doctor violated your rights by making a mistake or providing inaccurate or incomplete information, our attorneys can help you seek financial compensation under the law.

Understanding Wrongful Pregnancy in Colorado

Whether you are exploring the option of having a child or you are seeking to ensure that you do not get pregnant, you are entitled to medical advice and treatment consistent with a professional standard of care. Failure to meet this standard of care constitutes medical malpractice, and doctors, hospitals and other medical providers can all be held liable for mistakes resulting in undesirable and unplanned pregnancies.

There are countless reasons why women and couples may choose not to have a child, and the following can all potentially support a claim for wrongful pregnancy in Colorado:

  • Lack of financial resources to raise a child
  • Personal preference
  • Risks associated with the mother’s age, health or medical condition
  • Risk of genetic or congenital diseases or birth defects

If you chose not to get pregnant – or if you would not have gotten pregnant had your doctor informed you of the potential risks for you or your child – the following medical mistakes could entitle you to financial compensation:

  • Failure to properly perform a sterilization procedure
  • Failure to order necessary tests or screening to determine the risks of pregnancy or childbirth
  • Failure to adequately explain the risks of pregnancy or childbirth

Wrongful Pregnancy Distinguished from Wrongful Birth

A type of legal claim that is closely associated with wrongful pregnancy is wrongful birth. While wrongful pregnancy involves medical negligence leading to conception, wrongful birth involves medical mistakes that deprive expecting parents of the opportunity to terminate pregnancy. If you intended to get pregnant but you would have terminated your pregnancy had your doctor informed you of the risks of your child suffering from a life-altering or life-threatening medical condition, you may have a claim for wrongful birth.

Financial Compensation for Wrongful Pregnancy

Similar to medical conditions resulting from other forms of malpractice, wrongful pregnancy can lead to a wide range of financial and non-financial losses. While each case is unique, generally speaking, the types of compensation available in wrongful pregnancy cases include:

  • Medical expenses associated with the wrongful pregnancy
  • Costs for future medical care resulting from the pregnancy
  • Loss of income resulting from the pregnancy
  • Pain, suffering and emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment of life

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