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Denver Bus Accident Lawyer

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Denver Bus Accident Lawyer

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In Denver, many people rely on public transportation to get around. Mass transit buses are just one of many vehicles on Colorado roads every day. School buses transport children to and from school, and tour buses take visitors on excursions throughout Colorado.

In most cases, buses share the road safely with other drivers and deliver their passengers to their destination unharmed. Sometimes, however, accidents happen. Often, accidents arise from the negligence of the bus driver or other drivers on the road. In other cases, defects in the bus design or poor roadway conditions cause a crash. Regardless of the reason, when a bus accident occurs, it is important for all parties involved to understand their legal rights. A Denver accident attorney can help.

The Dangers of Denver Bus Accidents

Buses are larger than passenger vehicles and drivers are required to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in almost all cases. The tougher licensing requirements reflect a bus driver’s increased responsibility for the safety of passengers. Further, because of their large size, buses can put every other vehicle on the road in danger if they are driven in an unsafe manner.

Despite the CDL requirements and the tough standards imposed on commercial bus drivers, bus accidents still happen.  Bus accidents may occur as a result of:

  • Bus Driver Negligence. The driver may speed, fail to yield, drive fatigued, drive distracted or take other dangerous and careless risks.
  • Automobile Driver Negligence. A driver might cut off or crash into a bus due to negligence, failure to yield, speeding or a host of other irresponsible driving choices.
  • Faulty bus maintenance.  Faulty bus maintenance or lack of maintenance can cause issues with safe vehicle operation.
  • Poor bus design or manufacture.  A defective vehicle can malfunction and cause accidents. 

With multiple potential parties responsible for a bus accident, it is important to pinpoint responsibility when a crash occurs. Injured victims in other cars, as well as injured bus passengers, can take legal action to recover compensation following a bus crash. 

Contact the Denver Accident Attorneys at Levine Law

If the bus driver is at fault in a bus accident, legal action can become complicated. The bus driver might not be the best or only person to pursue legal action against, even if he or she is clearly responsible. In many cases, the bus driver’s employer may be the most appropriate party from whom to seek compensation. Employers can be found liable for bus accidents because of their own negligence, such as failure to screen bus drivers properly, or because they are responsible for the negligence of their employees under vicarious liability rules.

Further complicating many bus accident cases is the fact that the bus may be government-owned and the bus driver government-employed. In these instances, governmental immunity protections contain special rules. These rules don’t make it impossible to take legal action, but they can make it more difficult.

Due to the complexities of bus accident cases and the fact that serious injuries often result, it is important to have an experienced Denver accident lawyer representing you. At Levine Law, we have more than two decades of experience handling car accident and bus accident claims. Contact us online or by phone at (303) 333-8000 today to discuss your case.

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