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State Patrol Asks for Increased Funds to Police Lane Dodgers and Speeders

by  on  Car Accidents & Motor Vehicle Collisions

Lately, the lanes on U.S. 36 between Denver and Boulder have been made more dangerous by lane dodgers and speeders. This kind of driving can be considered aggressive and always poses a risk both to the driver of that car and everyone around it. Especially during congested times, this kind of behavior is risky.

As a result, the State Patrol has asked for more money to increase highway patrols. This way, they can work to make these roadways safer for all motorists. State Patrol Maj. Steve Garcia explained that these funds would be for additional troopers too, “target high-risk driver activities, like speeding, left-lane changes and aggressive driving.”

The breakdown of requests is as follows: $216,087 for cash funds and two additional full-time positions to patrol the dangerous driving. Although it often seems like police are out to just collect revenue, Garcia maintained that the focus here is on “unsafe behavior” not on collecting the tolls.

As Denver auto accident attorneys, we understand the issues these officers are facing. There is only so much that each trooper can do. So, when the dangerous driving gets out of hand, it makes sense to ask for additional support to address this serious safety concern. In fact, the State Patrol received a similar increase in the last fiscal year.

We are hopeful that this request will be approved so that our roadways can continue to be safely and appropriately monitored. After all, a dangerous driver poses far-reaching risks that no one wants to get mixed up with.

Aggressive Driving Is Never Smart

The unfortunate truth is that we have seen many collisions as a result of dangerous and aggressive driving behavior. These are humbling cases, as they remind us that so many injuries and deaths could be prevented by drivers simply being more mindful when they get behind the wheel.

However, if drivers are not going to regulate themselves, then officers have a duty to step in to protect them everyone else. 

We always advise drivers to follow the rules of the road. While it can be tempting to speed or make a daring attempt to pass a frustratingly slow driver, it is never in anyone’s best interest. On the other hand, we also understand that everyone will make a choice at some point in their life, that they later regret. And when that happens, it can be overwhelming to consider facing your legal situation.

Luckily, you don’t have to. Our team has years of experience with a wide range of automobile accident cases. We’re here. And we’re ready to help you get back to living your life. So, if you believe you have a legal case on your hands, do not hesitate to contact us