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Sexual Assault Part I: The Changes in School Policy and Procedure

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Sexual assault on college campuses is a hot-button topic today. Several studies have produced scary–and somewhat questionable–statistics on the magnitude of the problem facing college students and administrators. But no matter what the true number of assaults, the fact remains that sexual violence is a horrible issue confronting universities across […]

The Brave New World of Medicine

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Not too long ago, the idea of implanting a chip in a person’s brain to control neurological disorders such as epilepsy or restore movement in people with paralysis was mere science fiction.  Now the RNS System is being used successfully to treat people with epilepsy, and implants are being developed […]

The Young and the Reckless

by  on  Car & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Colorado has seen a spike in driving fatalities in which marijuana alone was involved. Your Denver accident attorney notes that the increase started in 2009 when Colorado legalized medical marijuana dispensaries.  Of 24,000 driving fatalities in 2010, marijuana contributed to 12 percent, a three-fold increase from 2000.  Even more disturbing […]