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What are the Steps Involved in an Auto Accident Insurance Claim?

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Denver and are thinking about dealing with the insurance companies, there is a lot you need to know. While you certainly can handle your claim by yourself (and countless accident victims choose to do this every day), due to the complexities and potential long-term implications, we strongly recommend that you at least discuss your claim with an experienced personal injury attorney.

September 20th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Personal Injury

When Can You Seek Compensation for “Pain and Suffering” After a Car Accident in Colorado?

Injuries from car accidents can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering. Even if you will recover eventually, the pain and suffering you experience during the recovery process can take a severe toll on many aspects of your life.

September 18th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

Should You Pay for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Colorado?

While Colorado law requires all drivers to carry auto insurance, the mandatory coverage requirements do not include uninsured/underinsured (UIM) coverage. Should you pay extra for UIM?

September 13th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

CDOT: These are the Leading Human Factors in Colorado Auto Accidents

Driver error is the leading cause of auto accidents. Every year, millions of people in the United States are injured in collisions caused by driver error; and, in Colorado alone, more than 60,000 drivers and passengers are injured as a result of driving mistakes on an annual basis. 

August 31st, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

How Does Denver Stack Up to Other Colorado Counties in Terms of Auto Accidents?

Denver is Colorado’s largest county by population, and the most-recent statistics from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) suggest that Denver also sees more auto accidents on an annual basis than any other county in the state. While this dubious distinction can be contributed in large part to the number of drivers on Denver’s roads, the data suggest that certain other factors may be to blame as well.

August 24th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

Liability in Auto Accidents Involving Large Trucks and Other Commercial Vehicles

If you have been seriously injured in an accident involving a large truck (such as an 18-wheeler or tractor trailer) or other commercial vehicle, knowing where to turn for financial compensation is critical to ensuring that you will have the money you need now and in the future. While there are a variety of factors that can cause and contribute to commercial vehicle accidents, one of the most common factors is driver negligence.

August 17th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

What are Your Legal Rights After a School Bus Accident in Denver, CO?

It’s back-to-school season in Denver, and in many communities this means that school buses are hitting the roads. Unfortunately, while school buses serve a critical public need, they also present a very real risk for accidents and accident-related injuries.

August 10th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Personal Injury

Filing a Personal Injury Claim if You Waited to Seek Medical Attention After a Car Accident

You were involved in an auto accident, and when the EMTs got to the scene you declined medical attention. You found your way home, and you did your best to go about your normal life.

August 3rd, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Personal Injury Accident Attorney

How Will a Speeding Ticket Impact My Auto Accident Claim?

We all know that speeding can be dangerous. Speeding is a leading cause of auto accidents; and, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding is to blame for more than a quarter of all fatal vehicle collisions.

July 31st, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

How Do Colorado’s Motorcycle Safety Laws Impact Your Accident Claim?

Colorado, like other states, has a number of laws that are designed to help protect the safety of motorcycle riders and their passengers. From eye protection to lane sharing, these laws address a number of issues which can create dangers for riders and other motorists alike.

July 24th, 2018 | Posted by paperstreet, on Accident Attorney

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