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Nursing home and Assisted Living Facilities: How to Avoid Abuse and Neglect

 In October of this year, 14 sick and elderly patients were abandoned at a Castro Valley, California, assisted living facility. The Department of Social Services had ordered the Valley Manor Community Care Home closed due to deplorable conditions. Notice of closure was placed on the door of the home, and all but three staff members walked out, leaving the patients at the facility before they were transferred to other homes. After three days of trying their best to care for and transfer the abandoned patients, the remaining staff members called 911, and the police and paramedics responded. A criminal investigation is now ongoing. 

December 18th, 2013 | Posted by Levine Law, on Nursing Home Abuse Personal Injury

Don’t Ignore These Signs of Nursing Home Financial Abuse

Denver personal injury lawyers who help victims of nursing home abuse and neglect often find that, while families and friends are quick to spot signs of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, they are not always as well-versed on the signs of financial abuse.

September 25th, 2013 | Posted by Levine Law, on Nursing Home Abuse

Living in a Medicare or Medicaid-Certified Nursing Home? Know Your Rights

Residents of Medicare or Medicaid-Certified nursing homes have several legal rights when it comes to reporting nursing home abuse or neglect. Denver personal injury attorneys strive to ensure that Colorado nursing home residents and their families know about these rights, and that they also know help is available from an experienced personal injury attorney if signs of abuse or neglect appear.

August 15th, 2013 | Posted by Levine Law, on Nursing Home Abuse

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