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Why Hire a Denver Personal Injury Attorney

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Why Hire a Denver Personal Injury Attorney

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If you have been injured due to negligence or wrongdoing, you have certain legal rights. Colorado law allows injury victims to be “made whole,” or compensated for both the economic and the non-economic losses associated with their injuries. To obtain compensation for your losses, you can settle a case outside of court by coming to an agreement with the insurance company or person who caused your injuries. You can also handle your case in court by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Whether you plan to settle or pursue legal action, you may wonder whether you can handle your case on your own. The reality is that, while you can handle some simple cases on your own, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced Denver personal injury attorney.

What Can a Denver Personal Injury Attorney Do for Victims?

Hiring a Denver personal injury attorney is a wise decision for many reasons. First and foremost, hiring an attorney can help ensure that you secure all of the compensation that the law entitles you to.

In the vast majority of injury cases, you will negotiate with an insurance company (a car insurance company, a home insurance company, a medical malpractice insurer, etc.) to obtain compensation. In cases where no insurer is involved, you’ll likely be dealing with a sophisticated defendant such as a company that manufactured a defective product. 

Whether you deal with an insurer or with another organization, you’ll face professionals and whose interests are directly contrary to your own.  Insurance companies and lawsuit defendants want to pay you the minimum amount they can get away with – ideally, nothing at all. You, on the other hand, want to make sure you receive the money you need to take care of your needs and live a comfortable life despite your injuries, especially if your injuries prevent you from working.

These companies have sophisticated legal teams working on their behalf. Hiring a Denver personal injury attorney levels the playing field, giving you the leverage you need to protect your rights.

An experienced accident attorney:

  • Knows the law and the types and amounts of compensation that you should receive. 
  • Knows the deadlines for filing a claim and the proper procedures for filing a case and gathering evidence.
  • Knows how to negotiate a fair settlement, how to gather evidence to build a case, and how to advocate for you in court. 

These are invaluable skills to have on your side. With the experience and knowledge of a Denver injury lawyer, you can benefit fully from the important protections that Colorado law provides.

Levine Law Can Help You Maximize Your Recovery

When you are ready to hire a Denver personal injury attorney, Levine Law is here. We have more than 20 years of experience in representing accident injury clients. Your consultation is free and you pay no legal fees if we do not recover damages for you. Contact us online or by phone at (303) 333-8000 to speak to our lawyers today about your rights.

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As a contractor that represents homeowners who need storm related damage repaired by their insurance company, I see the need for people to have a professional represent them so they can get what is rightfully theirs to repair their home. The same was true when I needed someone to help me in a personal injury situation. I knew that I needed a professional that could fight on my behalf and get me what was needed to make me complete again. Andrew Phillips and the team at Levine Law were incredible! They took the time to listen to my situation and really understand the effects I was dealing with. They handled everything with great detail and sincerity and I really felt they cared for my well being. I hope that nobody has to go through a situation like this, but if you do I would highly recommend Andrew Phillips and the Levine Law Team!

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